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Fully licensed and insured builders

Timber Ridge Renovations has experienced, fully licensed and insured master craftsmen with knowledge passed down from generations.  Timber Ridge is always on top of the newest and most efficient material in today's high tech world.  Based in Shelby Township, Michigan, Timber Ridge has had the privilege of being asked to accompany clients needs throughout the state and nation.  Renovations, fine wood work, cabinetry, electrical, plumbing and more, our services are varied and all come with the same promise of quality, dedication and durability.




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Ken’s professionalism, constant communication during the process, attention to detail and unwavering belief in quality craftsmanship make remodeling enjoyable (really!). We have been extremely pleased with the final results of every project, big or small, Ken has done for us.

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Everything from new construction on my 1927 home in Pleasant Ridge to major remodeling (three kitchens, four bathrooms, etc.), including fine detailed repair work. He is versatile, hard working, level headed and creative, which is not a characteristic that all builders have. I would trust him with any size project at any level of detail.
— Lesley Loffredo

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Reliability and integrity are the pride of Timber Ridge.  Never compromising quality for time, we give clients realistic schedules that accomodate their lives.  We always work with the best materials available and have the knowledge to use them correctly.  The smallest details are always at the top of our list!