"We have contracted Ken to do several remodeling projects for us since 2010. The scope of the remodeling projects ranged from a master bathroom and walk-in closet update with new tile, raw cedar plank installation on the ceiling and walls, and an addition of a exhaust fan, to a major kitchen remodel with tear out of ceramic floor tile and installation of new hickory hardwood floors, a 6x9 kitchen island, stone backsplash installation, light fixtures, trim, and a custom hickory shelf that spanned 50% of the walls in the kitchen, to a major renovation of our business space.

While major remodeling is inherently stressful for almost any home or business owner, Ken’s professionalism, constant communication during the process, attention to detail and unwavering belief in quality craftsmanship make remodeling enjoyable (really!). We have been extremely pleased with the final results of every project, big or small, Ken has done for us. We are particularly pleased with Ken in the following areas:

Quality of work: Ken’s quality of work is consistently top notch. He is a true craftsman and cares deeply about the final result of the work he does – from both a structural and aesthetic perspective. 

Trustworthiness and Integrity: Ken is professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful of the homeowner’s property and privacy. For a young man, he has an old-school work ethic (often 10-hour days), excellent work habits, and emphasized doing it right rather than doing it fast. He cleans up at the end of each workday. We are completely comfortable with allowing Ken and his team access inside our home when we were not there.

Project management and coordination: Ken plans, coordinates and manages the activities of the project effectively. His excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills and commitment to follow-through are assets which enabled him to manage the details of our projects without missing a beat. 

Effective communication: Ken kept us informed of work schedules, delivery dates, and projected completion dates. His communication was always clear, informative, and helpful. He was either available on his cell phone, or returned my phone call within 2-3 hours. We never had a single miscommunication throughout our projects. 

Flexibility and resourcefulness: When unforeseen problems surfaced (e.g., tile that was glued to the substrate with “Liquid Nails”, hardwood flooring that was too warped too install), Ken worked with us to identify solutions to the issues. He juggled his schedule effectively to allow for us to have minimal interruption to our remodeling projects while we waited for replacement material and put in extra hours to remove the tile flooring without it turning into a days-long delay on the project. 

Value: We had our projects bid on by two other contractors. Although Ken’s bids were not the lowest, we are absolutely convinced that he delivers the best value in terms of the work done for the price. 

In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor customer service are common, Ken is a rare find. We enthusiastically recommend Ken Steele without any reservations. ”


Lesley loffredo

"I have known Ken Steele for almost 15 years and have used Ken as a builder on numerous projects. Everything from new construction on my 1927 home in Pleasant Ridge to major remodeling (three kitchens, four bathrooms, etc.), including fine detailed repair work (repair of a paneled ceiling, repair of a door with antique leaded glass). He is versatile, hard working, level headed and creative, which is not a characteristic that all builders have. I would trust him with any size project at any level of detail. I would be happy to speak with anyone directly as well."